Aquarius. October 2019. Monthly Horoscope

Posted by The Real Tee on 2nd Oct 2019

Aquarius. October 2019. Monthly Horoscope

This month you all will be healing before you can properly move forward into a new beginning. Have patience with yourself as you are needing to take on a new way of thinking about your situation. You are racking your brain for clarity about a situation, but answers are going to be revealed to you shortly. 

Before November comes, many of you will be figuring out just what you need to do in order to succeed at work or in business. You will be needing to ground yourself and really think hard about what it is you want to accomplish. Be mindful to to over work yourselves this month. You all are going to need to have strength to deal with somethings that people are trying to put in your way. 

This may be what seems to have you guys feeling detached and wanting to be alone. People admire you and want to be around your energy, but you just don’t seem to be up to it this month. That is fine, just focus on healing at this time.