Soy Herbal Filled Votive Candle-Manifest A Miracle

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Speak all of your desires into existence with our new soy herbal filled votive candles. 

"I am a conduit for universal energy, allowing me to do good things "


The Color Pink: Intensions and Powers

Used in love magic for romantic love, devotion, tenderness, affection, warmth, compassion, honor, friendship, faith, forgiveness, joy, harmony, sensitivity, emotional and spiritual healing, and self-love. 


Planet:  Venus Venus Symbol

Day:  Friday

Chakras:  Heart

Astrological Sign:  Cancer Cancer Symbol, Gemini Gemini Symbol, Libra Libra Symbol, Taurus Taurus Symbol, Virgo Virgo Symbol

Numerology:  6, 9


(No reviews yet) Write a Review